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Volle Hose Extra


Available in German language only.

The do-it-yourself booklet for children who sometimes have an 'accident'.

Poop belongs in the toilet. Yep! Nevertheless, there are children who regularly defecate in their pants or hide poop in inappropriate places.

This also happens to Lola from time to time. In the book, she tells how it happens and how she gets rid of it. So read along!

Volle Hose, the do-it-yourself booklet, defecation/ daytime incontinence

  • Lola used to have a nasty poop problem. What a stinky thing that was! There was also trouble with mum and dad because of it. But since Lola has become a poop expert, her pants stay clean. And it's not just Lola who thinks that's great!


    What about you? Do you have a poop problem? Would you like to get rid of it? Then this do-it-yourself booklet with poop diary is ideal for you! It will turn you into a poop expert so that you can finally get your poop back on track.



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