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Book: Urinary tract problems in children - prevention and information. Reading book for children with tips for parents.


Fraulein Lasse knows everything about urination. She teaches the pip class at school. She tells us what pee is and where it comes from. She explains how your bladder works and shows you the best way to urinate. Ages 4 and up.

Miss Lasse, wetting/daytime incontinence

  • The “Family Skunk”


    Poop belongs in the toilet. Yes indeed! Nevertheless, there are boys and girls who regularly defecate in their underwear or hide poop in inappropriate places. If the affected children are over four years old and they already have the physical ability to control stool, then this problem is referred to as “defecation”. This behavior often indicates psychological stress in the child or problems within the family system.

    Defecating children often cut themselves and their families off from social activities because the problem of shame and family stress is kept like a secret. This creates tensions and conflicts that once again increase the suffering of individual family members. The problem is also often kept quiet in social circles. The clearly noticeable smell that arises when defecating also causes teasing in the group of peers.

    The children's non-fiction book “Full Pants. Defecating in Children: Prevention and Treatment” was designed with a focus on systemic approaches. It creates clarity, helps boys and girls tackle the problem and encourages parents to try new things. The book supports professional helpers in making defecating possible to discuss in a child-friendly manner in psychological, psychotherapeutic and medical settings.

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