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Ideal for children with incontinence problems. Wetting, bladder weakness and defecation.


Boxers, black for cool boys. Integrated suction insert in the cutting area for a little more urine loss! 

The insert is slightly thicker padded than the other models. Is suitable for medium urinary accidents.


The underwear absorbs the liquid so that the child's outerwear does not get wet. Odors are trapped.
No one from the outside will see that the underwear has a secret.


Label:Dry & Cool

° Packed per piece.

°absorbency: approx. 125ml slow amounts of urine.

° Not suitable for surging urine loss.

° Looks “cool” and is not immediately recognized as incontinence underwear.

° Suitable forMedium urinary accidents.

° Do not have a waterproof layer. 


° Unsuitable as night care.

° Available in sizes 110/116 to 158/164.

° Can be washed at 60 degrees.

DryandCool Incontinence Boxer Black, for a little more urine! Boys

  • Dry&Cool will make your child happy again!


    Dry&Cool is a trendy and fashionable underwear for children with a special absorbent transverse insert for additional protection where it is needed. A urine accident is camouflaged and collected so children don't have to worry. You can play and have fun without worry. The underwear looks cool and is not immediately recognized as incontinence underwear.


    This is of course very important for children! Children with daytime incontinence are often afraid of being teased. That's why you spend a lot of energy trying to hide your accident. Let your child enjoy their childhood and play, play sports and go to school without any worries. The underpants can therefore help your child have a higher quality of life by working on a solution to the problem.



    The incontinence underpants have as high an absorbency as possible without looking big and like a diaper. They look cool, they are pure and clean and just like any other pants. The underwear is of high quality, with a perfect fit and can be washed normally in the washing machine. They are made of 95% cotton and 5% Elastane made. The absorbent insert is made of 100% cotton and is antibacterial (allergy friendly) and breathable.

    The incontinence underpants can absorb a small accident or 2. (about 80 ml) 

    The girls' underpants can absorb about 75 ml. We have tried to give the underwear the highest possible absorbency without giving the underwear a lumpy appearance. The incontinence underpants have a firmly sewn-in insert that helps ensure that urine stays in the underpants and is therefore rarely visible.


    The underpants are suitable for daytime incontinence and can be washed at 60 degrees. The underpants are not suitable for fecal incontinence.


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