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Bedwetting -

Enuresis Nocturna

Oh Bed is wet...... 


There are more bed-wetters among school children than one might think. Most parents hide this night-time problem of their child - out of shame and guilt. The topic still seems to be taboo or seems embarrassing, and neither the child nor his parents like to talk about it with others. Thereby it is relatively easy to get a grip on bed-wetting.

Did you know that in every school class 1 or 2 children wet their bed at night?

What ist Enuresis?

Bedwetting is when a child aged 5 years or older wets the bed at night one or more times a week. About 10% of all 6 year olds still wet the bed. For children in the 10 to 15 age group it is still 2 to 3%.

Your child is certainly not the only one. Bedwetting is something unpleasant for the whole family - especially for the child concerned. The child feels ashamed and its self-confidence decreases. Bedwetting has a major impact on the social life of the child and the parents.

Cause of the problem

Bed-wetting is rarely caused by a physical disorder. In most cases it is a combination of various causes. For example, it might be that the child produces too much urine at night. Emotional tension can play a role. Heredity can also be a reason. But the most important reason is that the child has not learned to wake up at night when his or her bladder is full and he or she feels the need to urinate. This can be trained and the best result is achieved with a wake-up alarm.

About 90% of motivated children have succeeded within 3 months. 

Don't wait any longer, together we will surely succeed!

Approximately 90% of children can achieve success within 90 days.


The children would like to sleep through the night staying dry and have already tried to achieve this themselves, but without success. Bedwetting is not an illness. One child is dry earlier, the other child is dry later. Almost every child has his or her bladder under control at some point. If you as a parent notice that your child finds bedwetting unpleasant and wants to get rid of it, it makes sense to look for a solution. There are many ways to get dry at night. It is then difficult for parents and children to find a treatment that is effective and suits the family. In general there is a training session. Training and practising to become dry, like sports or a school test, requires commitment and energy. Every athlete has a trainer or coach and supporters at a match. It is the same with bed-wetting. With the right training and positive support, motivated bed-wetting athletes can achieve this goal. 


At what age is training advisable?


About 10% of all 5-year-olds wet their bed. Although at this age parents would like their children to be dry, this age is still too young for wake-up training.



6 years and motivated


Our experience shows that the child must be at least 6 years old to seriously tackle the problem. But above all he or she must be motivated! This is the most important key to success. Children who experience bedwetting as very unpleasant and really want to get rid of it achieve impressive results with the Weckalarm training.

Unique system against bedwetting​

You can buy or rent our bedwetting alarm. Both options are supplied complete with 2 sensor pants so you can start immediately. We recommend that you clearify in advance with your insurance company which option is more advantageous for you. If you rent an alarm clock, your health insurance company will reimburse a small fee per day from your basic insurance. Sometimes the additional insurance will cover more costs. When you buy a bedwetting alarm, these fees vary widely, from nothing at all to part of the cost.

We offer you an attractive rental/purchase option. When you rent a bedwetting alarm, you pay a rental fee per day. If the training goes well and fast, you will be cheaper with a rental alarm. If the training takes longer than expected, the additional costs compared to a purchase alarm are limited. After 120 days the rental costs end and the alarm is your property.

The basis is a comfortable underwear

The Urifoon Weckalarm consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver is placed beside the bed. The flat small transmitter is attached to special underwear with 2 press buttons. These pants have been developed exclusively by Urifoon. The underwear is like normal pants, but with a moisture-sensitive sensor. If the child urinates, the receiver will ring and wake up the child. Waking up stops the flow of urine and the child can go to the toilet.


Special features

  • The child can easily and independently change the underwear at night, just like normal underwear. 

  • The child no longer wears a nappy or sanitary napkin. This is important for self-confidence during training.  

  • The transmitter is very small and light, so it is comfortable to wear on the underwear.

  • The bedwetting alarm is wireless.

  • The alarm can be easily switched off with the touch screen.

  • Adjustable volume of the alarm.

  • Parents/helpers can hear if the user reacts immediately by changing the alarm.

  • Additional vibration alarm (Vibes) possible, for hearing impaired or real deep sleepers.

  • Offers both an (adjustable) acoustic alarm and/or vibration alarm. (independently adjustable)

  • Ideal for several children in one bedroom.

  • The vibration element is placed under the pillow or mattress.


As a Dutch company, we have specialised in wake-up alarm training against bedwetting since 1954. The company has built up a lot of trust with professional and personal support. Above all, the personal support of parents and child during the training is very important. The wake-up method is the most successful way of curing bedwetting.

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