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Incontinence briefs for boys

Fashionable and absorbent underpants will help your child

The incontinence  Children's underwear has a special suction insert for additional protection where it is needed. An accident is camouflaged and collected in such a way that children do not have to worry. You can play and have fun with confidence. The underwear looks cool and won't  recognized as incontinence underwear. This is of course very important for children! Children with daytime incontinence are often afraid of teasing. That's why they spend a lot of energy hiding their accident. Let your child enjoy their childhood and play carefree, do sports and go to school. The underpants can thus help your child to have a better quality of life while you work on a solution to the problem.


Underwear with a little secret.

They have an absorbency of about 75ml in a period of 4 hours . The secret lies in the specially integrated absorbent pad. Four “invisible” absorption layers absorb light to moderate urinary and defecation accidents. The underpants are not suitable for gushing urine loss, but for slowly draining amounts of urine.

The UnderWunder brand  and Dry & Cool

Both have four transverse layers and easily absorb the liquid. The skin stays dry. UnderWunder has one  waterproof layer  the  Leaks prevented.  Dry & Cool doesn't have this layer. With either model, you don't have to worry  have unpleasant smells. These are also held in place by the layers. That gives you that certain extra security.


They are made from soft cotton and offer a high level of comfort. they are   washable at 40 to 60 degrees. The underwear can be without its effectiveness  to lose,  to be washed over and over again.  It is allergy friendly.  she  can be tumble dried, but if you use the dryer  avoid, stops  they look better.  


  • Looks like normal underpants

  • Does not swell when worn like a diaper

  • Child friendly design


Suitable for:

  • Daily incontinence

  • Mild to moderate incontinence

  • Slowly passing volume of urine

  • Not suitable for gushing urine loss

  • Unsuitable as night care.



  • Integrated absorbent pad

  • Suction capacity approx. 75ml

  • Antiallergic

  • Including odor

  • Available  in sizes 86/92 to 170/176

  • Material: 95% cotton, 5% elastane


No one noticed at gymnastics, my underwear is just as cool as everyone else's ..........
    Severin 8 years

Boys with incontinence briefs
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