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Beautiful absorbent underwear for children who suffer from wet trousers during the day, due to small urine or poop accidents.


The underwear has a little secret that no one notices. The Boxers have an integrated absorbent liner with an moisture-impermeable PU membrane for holding urine, liquid stool and odours.


Absorbency is an average of 75ml over a 4-hour period. Therefor, extreme suitable for the collection of drops and trickles during school-, sport- an d playtimes (urine and/or liquid stool).


!! Caution: The briefs are cut large.

We recommend that you take one size smaller than normal.

Available in sizes 086/092 bis 170/176.

  • Absorbency of approximately 75ml for a period of 4 hours.
  • For light to moderate urinary and faecal accidents.
  • Not suitable for gushing loss of urine.
  • Unsuitable for night care bedwetting.
  • The waterproof layer prevents leaks.
  • Washable in the washing machine 40 to 60 degrees.
  • Supports the child and gives him self-confidence.
  • Looks "cool" and is not immediately recognised as incontinence underwear.



95% cotton

5% elastane

UnderWunder incontinence Boxer Camo, boys

SKU: J810
  • UnderWunder® is a trendy and fashionable underwear for children with a special absorbent inlayer




    for extra protection where it is needed. An accident is thus camouflaged and collected so that children don't have to worry. They can play and have fun without worry. The underwear looks cool and is not immediately recognised as incontinence underwear. For children, this is of course very important! Children with daytime incontinence are often afraid of teasing. Therefore, they spend a lot of energy trying to hide their accident. Let your child enjoy his or her childhood and play, do sports and go to school without worrying. The pants can thus help your child to have a better quality of life by working on a solution to the problem.


    Underwear with a little secret.


    The secret lies in the specially positioned transverse absorbent insert. Four "invisible" absorbent layers catch light to medium urine and stool spills.


    The four transverse layers easily absorb the liquid. The skin stays dry and the waterproof layer prevents leaks. In addition, you no longer have to worry about unpleasant odours. These are also held in by the layers. This gives you that certain extra security.


    The underwear is of high quality, with a perfect fit. It can be washed normally in the washing machine and often.

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