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Incontinence pants for men

Fashionable and absorbent pants offer safety

UnderWunder® also has an adult line of underwear with extra protection. These fashionable and trendy incontinence pants have a special absorbent insert for extra protection where it is needed. Four layers absorb fluid easily. The skin stays dry and the waterproof layer prevents leaks. You also no longer have to worry about unpleasant odours. These are also held in by the layers. This gives that certain extra security. With this underwear, you can exercise and enjoy your day without worry. The underwear looks nice and is not immediately recognised as incontinence underwear.



Underwear with a little secret.

They have an absorbency of about 125ml in a period of 4 hours. The secret lies in the specially integrated absorbent pad. Four "invisible" absorbent layers catch light to moderate urine and stool spills. The pants are not suitable for gushing urine loss but for slowly passing urine.


Sie sind aus weicher Baumwolle hergestellt und bieten einen hohen Tragekomfort. Sie sind  bei 40 bis 60 Grad waschbar. Die Unterwäsche kann, ohne ihre Wirksamkeit zu verlieren, immer wieder gewaschen werden. Sie ist allergiefreundlich. Sie kann im Wäschetrockner getrocknet werden, aber wenn Sie den trockner meiden, hält sie sich besser. 



  • Looks like normal pants

  • Does not swell when worn, like a nappy

  • Beautiful and chic design


Suitable for:

  • Daily incontinence

  • Mild to moderate incontinence

  • Slowly draining Urine volumes

  • Not suitable for gushing urine

  • Unsuitable as a night care.



  • Integrated soaker liner

  • Absorbency approx. 125ml

  • Antiallergic

  • Odour-containing

  • Available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL

  • Material: 95% cotton, 5% elastane

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