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Bettnässen, Klingelhose, Training gegen Bettnässen mit schönen Unterhosen, Urifoon

Sensor briefs

Training with normal briefs

"I can do it myself without any difficulty", says Laura 10 years

"Very easy to slip on", says Max 8 years

"washing machine washable at 40 degrees", says Max's mother 

The basis is a comfortable briefs

"sehen schön aus", sagt Laura 10 Jahre

The basis of the alarm is a comfortable brief. These briefs have been developed exclusively by Urifoon. The briefs are just like normal briefs, except that special urine moisture sensors have been sewn into them.

The child can easily and independently change the briefs at night just like normal briefs. The child no longer wears a nappy or sanitary napkin. This is important for self-confidence during training. 

Don't fiddle around with foil or a bandage in the evening, but start right away!

The Sensor brief has a perfect fit and is comfortable to wear. The transmitter therefore fits snugly against the body. The Sensor Briefs are like normal pants. They are very child-friendly and have funny colours for girls and boys. 

The briefs are easy to wash in the washing machine at max. 40 degrees and can be tumble dried at the lowest temperature. 

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