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Removing urine stains and odor

Sometimes a persistent smell of urine remains in the laundry, even after it has just been washed. In the case of incontinence and bedwetting, the smell of urine can penetrate clothing or bedding. Sometimes the smell of urine is even worsened by treatment with cleaning products. This is frustrating when the freshly washed laundry doesn't smell nice and fresh anyway.

Uri-go spray

Nothing is more persistent than the smell and color of urine caused by uric acid crystals. These crystals hold back stains or rings that remain even after scrubbing or washing. In addition, the smell never completely disappears or is even increased when you spray a cleaning product on it.

Uri-Go dissolves the uric acid crystals and makes the smell and color disappear permanently! Using a special composition of enzymes and bacteria, Uri-Go breaks down the stubborn crystals and finally dissolves into water and oxygen. So it's environmentally friendly too!

Uri-Go removes urine from any surface: furniture, plumbing, wood, tiles, carpet, textiles, etc. In addition, Uri-Go also removes blood and sweat from any desired object! 

The correct dosage of detergent is important for sparklingly clean laundry. Follow the dosage instructions on the packaging. This depends on the amount of laundry. But also the degree of soiling of the laundry and the hardness of the water.


Too much or too little

If you use too little detergent, your laundry will no longer be cleaned as well and will become cloudy.

Too much detergent can damage the fibers of clothing. As a result, it wears out more quickly and the color is not retained as well. Too much detergent can also cause “fat lice.” This causes an odor in the machine. Foam can also form in the washing machine. Then there is an extra rinse. This wastes unnecessary time and water.

The right amount of detergent
Amount of laundry
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