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Daily alarm Apollo 24

Ideal for children with incontinence problems. Daytime wetting. Daytime incontinence.

The Apollo 24 is the smallest and lightest daytime alarm! That's why it's also very practical for children. The Apollo 24 is extremely discreet to use due to the various alarm options: sound, vibration or a combination of both. The sound can be adjusted in 3 levels: quiet, medium and loud volume.

The vibration function is clearly noticeable.

The Apollo 24 runs on a battery. An indicator light shows when this battery needs to be replaced.

The set consists of:

  1. Connection cable with blue clip for attaching to your own underwear

  2. Familiarize yourself with 2 moisture-absorbing sensor inserts. This will detect the plasma moment much quicker than using the blue clip on your own underwear.

  3. 1 connection cable with orange clip for using the moisture sensor inserts (disposable Dry-Mate insert)

  4. 1 battery type CR2450

  5. 1 screwdriver for placing the battery

  6. 1 manual


The daily alarm is small and can be worn around the neck with a lanyard. The clip on the back of the alarm allows you to attach it to your clothing. The alarm can also be attached to your clothing with a safety pin. You can also put the alarm in your pocket.

How do you wear the daily alarm?
The alarm can be used in 3 different ways
1. Disposable Dry-Mate liners

For effective training, it is very important that the alarm at the time of the toilet moment is triggered as quickly as possible. You train to feel this toilet moment as quickly as possible. This paper sensor insert "protects" approximately 200 cm² in its own underwear. An alarm will follow as soon as someone urinates anywhere in this area. Because of this effective approach, you can quickly see progress and toilet moments are under control more quickly.


  • The sensor range is large. There is a quick alarm.

  • Can be used in your own underwear.

  • has a waterproof layer. If you react in a timely manner, your underwear will stay dry

    and does not need to be changed.

  • The deposits can simply be disposed of. No additional laundry.


Point of attention:

  • • The insoles must be purchased.

Einbetten. Dry-Mate daily alarm sensor insert
Einbetten. Dry-Mate daily alarm sensor insert
Einbetten. Dry-Mate daily alarm sensor insert
2. Sensor underpants

You can also use the alarm with the sensor underpants. These are the same panties that are required for the bedwetting training we offer.

These underpants were developed exclusively by Urifoon. The underpants are like normal underpants, only special urine moisture sensors have been sewn in and have two press studs on the cuffs that connect to the alarm clock.

• The sensor range is large. There is a quick alarm.
• If the reaction is timely, the child will be less wet than with the

Option of your own underwear.


Point of attention:
• The special sensor underpants have to be purchased and are more expensive.

Bladder dysfunction. Sensor slip for Apollo daily alarm
3. With your own underwear

The alarm can also be used in combination with using your own underwear. A sensor cable (blue) is attached to the underwear, in the expected wet area of the underwear.

• No additional costs.


Point of attention:
• The sensor range is very small.
• The fabric between the clips must get wet to activate the alarm. The reaction time is therefore later than with the sensor underpants and the insert.

• During training the child will be more wet than in options 1 and 2.

Urininkontinenz. Sensor für Tagesalarm Apollo. Urifoon

Training with the Apollo 24 alarm

Step 1: The  Small day alarm is worn around the neck and under outer clothing with a light strap. The included thin connection cord ensures the connection between the device and the sensor pants, Dry-Mate insoles or your own underwear (which must be ordered separately).


Step 2: If urine gets into your pants, the alarm will go off. This makes the user alert and should reflexively activate the bladder sphincter.


Step 3: The user should then go to a toilet and empty their bladder completely. Then you put on dry sensor pants.


Step 4: The daily result is then entered into the scorecard. A positive development should become visible within a few weeks.

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