purchasing the bedwettingalarm

We have 2 different alarms that you can buy. The health insurance does not refund any purchase alarms. Some insurance companies still reimburse a part of the costs within the scope of the additional insurance. We recommend that you check this with your insurance company in advance.

All alarm clocks come complete with 2 sensor briefs enabling you to start immediately. The 2 alarm systems differ as follows:

Wie klingt der Liberty-Alarm?
Wie klingt der Pjama-Alarm?
Monkey Senorhose mit Liberty.jpeg

The Liberty alarm clock is a renewed alarm clock of the former Contessa alarm clock. The alarm clock is wireless, has a rechargeable transmitter that is attached to a nice normal sensor trouser. You can choose from 10 different alarm sounds. The alarm tone can be set very loud and is suitable for stubborn deep sleepers. Comfortable and practical for the child to handle. 

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     Liberty Bedwetting-alarm

     with Vibes and sensor briefs:

Sensorhose mit Vibes und Liberty.jpeg