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The set is incl:

  • 2 Sensorbriefs for a boy or a girl.
  • 1 Receiver
  • 1 Transmitter
  • 1 USB charger


This set is suitable for: Deep sleepers.


Suitable for children who have difficulty waking up.

The alarm sound can be adjusted to be very loud. The alarm can be expanded with a vibration alarm.




- Robust plastic housing with rounded corners.

- The alarm is wireless.

- Adjustable audible alarm.

- The transmitter contains a rechargeable battery

- The alarm is easily turned off using the touch screen

- The transmitter is very small and light, therefore comfortable to wear on your panties.

- Dimensions - receiver L 105mm, W 80 mm, H 35 mm

- Dimension - transmitter L 48 mm, W 25 mm, H 8 mm

Liberty Bedwetting Alarm for deep sleepers. (Formerly Contessa))

  • The Liberty Bedwetting alarm is a renewed alarm clock of the former Contessa alarm clock.The alarm clock is wireless, has a rechargeable transmitter that is attached to a nice pair of normal briefs. The transmitter establishes a wireless connection with the receiver that is placed next to the bed


    When the briefs get wet, the receiver gives a sound alarm. The child wakes up by the alarm. The body reacts automatically by tensing the bladder muscles. The child learns to recognise the feeling of a full bladder and can continue to urinate on the toilet.


    A very nice advantage of the improved alarm clock is that the battery in the transmitter no longer needs to be changed. No more unexpected wet nights with a dead battery!


    This alarm provides the user with optimal comfort and normal freedom of movement during sleep. The volume of the alarm is adjustable and easy to turn off.


    A vibration alarm can be added to the alarm clock. This gives even the deepest sleeper the best chance of waking up!!!

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