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Bedwetting Alarm Renting

Rental-purchase option

You can buy or rent our bedwetting alarm Liberty. Both options are supplied complete with 2 sensor pants so you can start immediately. 

We offer you an attractive rental/purchase option. When you rent a bedwetting alarm you pay a rental fee per day. If the training goes well and fast, you will be cheaper with a rental alarm. If the training takes longer than expected, the additional costs compared to a purchase alarm are limited. After 90 days the rental costs end and the alarm is your property.


• You can try out the bedwetting alarm at a reasonable price if you are not yet convinced of the effectiveness of the betwetting           alarm.

• Renting is the cheapest solution with a quick result. On average a child needs 90 days.

• Staggered payment. You do not pay the purchase costs of the alarm in one go. You will receive an invoice every 30 days.

• Maximum rental costs. Costs remain limited, even if the training period is longer than expected.

• After 90 rental days, the costs are the same as for direct purchase, after deduction of the health insurance contribution!

How do you proceed?

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1. Ordering the set

Fill out the rental agreement online. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order. You will receive the alarm within 2 to 4 working days.

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You rent the alarm according to our rental-purchase model. You rent the alarm up to a maximum of 90 days. At the end of these 90 days, the alarm is paid off and is yours. If you finish your training earlier, you will be charged for all days used and you return the alarm to us. Every 30 days you will receive an invoice.

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3. What is included in the Set?

Two sensor briefs, for a boy or a girl, are included in the set. The alarm consists of a receiver, a transmitter and an adapter. The set also includes nice stickers for the scorecard and a nice coloured drinking bottle for bladder training.

With the help of a touch telephone

We know from experience that especially the first month can be very exhausting. That's why we are happy to accompany you personally during this difficult time.
Our experience is that a motivated child with the right care can complete the training much better and faster. We would be very pleased if you would contact us with any questions or problems. We are here for you!

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5. When will you receive an invoice?

Every 30 days you will receive an invoice from us. After the return of the Urifoon alarm you will receive the final invoice. The rental period is calculated based on the day of delivery until the day of return. You can forward the invoice together with the doctor's prescription to your health insurance. The refunded amount will then be paid to you as soon as possible.

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6. What are you returning?

After the training, you only return the receiver, the transmitter and the adapter. Possibly the vibes, which is optional. You can keep the underwear and the water bottle.


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