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Bettnässen, Training gegen Bettnässen, Urifoon

renting the Bedwetting alarm

The set contains:


The Vibes is optional and can be rented additionally. The costs are CHF 0.50 per day. These costs are not covered by health insurance.

Really deep sleepers

A vibrating alarm is a good alternative for hearing impaired people or real deep sleepers. The acoustic and vibration alarm can be set independently of each other. It gives the child an extra 'push' to wake up. The vibrating alarm is ideal when several children sleep together in the same room because the sound can be partially or completely switched off. But it is also suitable for older children who prefer to practice independently. The Vibes is not connected to the child, but is placed under the pillow or mattress.


Optional Vibrationselement Vibes

For whom?

Especially for children who sleep very deeply, are afraid of loud noises, want to be woken up discreetly or are hard of hearing.


The element can therefore be pleasant when children share a bedroom. The sound of the alarm clock can be turned down so that others are not woken up. But it also helps young people to practice discreetly.


Pairing for use

The item must be paired with the Liberty alarm clock before use. Please read the attached description or watch the video on our website.

It gives the child an extra 'push' to wake up.

Rental conditions:

  • The minimum rent is CHF 100,--.

  • The rental period begins with the dispatch of the alarm and ends with the return of all parts (date of postmark).


  • Payment of our invoice must be made within 30 days of receipt, regardless of any reimbursement by your health insurance company.

  • For the reimbursement of your health insurance you need our invoice as well as a prescription from your doctor, which confirms the duration of the therapy.

  • It is important that you follow the instructions and use the " Contessa" according to our description.

  • Two briefs are included. Extra Sensor briefs must be ordered separately. The price is CHF 25,- per item.

Order rental alarm

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