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Bedwetting therapy device Liberty

Bedwetting alarm

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The Bedwetting Alarm Liberty

Bed-wetting is a hassle, but with the Liberty bed-wetting alarm you can make sure that you approach your training in the funnest way possible. The alarm clock offers a choice of 10 different alarm signals. There's sure to be a signal that's both amusing and so annoying at the same time that you'll want to turn it off asap. Because that is the goal of the training. Some studies also show that it can be useful to change the alarm signal every now and then during exercise. This is easily possible with the Liberty.

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How does the bedwetting alarm work?

The Urifoon alarm consists of a transmitter and a receiver. Together with 2 fun coloured pants. These trousers look and feel like normal trousers, but have sensor threads sewn into the crotch area that quickly detect urine. You can connect the receiver by buttoning the sensor to the waist line of the pants. 

You place the receiver next to the bed. If your pants get wet at night, the alarm goes off immediately. The faster you are, the less urine you will lose. You will learn very quickly, you will see!

The transmitter

Der orangefarbene Sender ist klein und leicht. Du kannst ihn einfach auf die Druckknöpfe deiner Hose klicken. Tagsüber klickst du ihn auf den Empfänger neben deinem Bett. Der ebenfalls 2 Druckknöpfe hat. Auf diese Weise lädt sich der Sender auf, wenn du zur Schule gehst, und ist einsatzbereit, wenn du ihn am Abend wieder brauchst.

Auf diese Weise hat der Sender auch einen festen Platz und kann nicht verloren gehen.


The sensor pants

The Sensor Pants look just like your own underwear. They are comfortable to wear and therefore very easy to put on. The trousers are ready to use, so you can start training right away. The underwear is machine washable and available in cheerful colours and patterns for boys and girls.

Benefit from the audible alarm and vibration alarm


A vibrating alarm (Vibes) offers an alternative for hearing impaired persons or deep sleepers. The alarm is acoustically adjustable, also with vibration alarm. Both are independently adjustable. It gives the child an extra 'push' to wake up. It is ideal for several children in one bedroom, because the sound can be partially or completely switched off. It is also practical for older children who, over time, like to practice independently. The Vibes is not connected to the child but placed under the pillow or mattress.

Bedwetting, nighttime enuresis, enuresis

I am now going to the ski camp........ without worries.......

Special features of the system

The basis is a comfortable pants!

The child can easily and independently change the pants at night like normal pants. The child no longer wears a nappy or sanitary napkin. This is important for self-confidence during training. 

Sensor pants have a perfect fit and are comfortable to wear. The transmitter therefore fits snugly against the body.  They are very child-friendly and have funny colours for girls and boys. 

The transmitter is very small and light, and therefore comfortable to wear on the pants. It offers the user optimum comfort and normal freedom of movement during sleep.

The bedwetting alarm is wireless. The child does not have to wear an uncomfortable device on its body and sleep is not disturbed by a cable. The alarm can be easily switched off using the touch screen. The volume of the alarm is individually adjustable. Parents/helpers can hear if the user reacts immediately by changements of the alarm.

In addition, a vibration alarm can be added in case of hearing impaired or real deep sleepers. The alarm can be set to sound or vibrate (independently), which is ideal for several children in one bedroom.

Bladder training

Bladder training bedwetting Urifoon, drinking bottle

Many children do not drink enough during the day. Children often think: "if I drink less, I won't have to go to the toilet as much". In itself a clever thought but...... the less you drink, the smaller your bladder becomes.  

In most children, bedwetting, the bladder capacity is too low. If the bladder is too small and can stretch poorly, the bladder can only store a small amount of urine. The moment of urination in bed is therefore early in the night. Many children have trouble drinking a lot, which makes the problem worse because their bladder only gets smaller that way.

Bladder training, bedwetting, Urifoon, drinking bottle
Bladder training bedwetting Urifoon, cheerful balloons explaining the bladder.

drinking bottle

Therefore we offer a drinking training. When renting or buying a wake-up alarm device, we give each child a funny drinking bottle in cheerful colours. The bottle is transparent. The child can see so well how much he or she has drunk per day.


The child can take this bottle with them to school, sports and outside to play.

In the training manual we try to explain the function of the bladder to the child in a fun way using a balloon. We also suggest how much the child should ideally drink per day.

Personal accompaniment

The bedwetting alarm is not a cure, but offers a training opportunity to fully control the bladder sphincter muscle even during sleep. It is important that the child is motivated to get rid of the bedwetting. This training can be particularly intensive and requires teamwork between the supervisor and user.

We offer you a training book with practical tips during the training. We know from experience that especially the first month can be very exhausting. That's why we are happy to accompany you personally during this difficult time.

Our experience is that a motivated child with the right care can complete the training much better and faster.

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