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The transmitter connects the sensor briefs and the alarm to each other. The alarm works wirelessly, so the alarm is ready to use after the receiver is switched on and the charged transmitter is clicked onto the sensor briefs.

Sensor Underpants Boys Liberty Bedwetting Therapy Device
Sensor Underpants Boys Urifoon.jpg

Charging the transmitter battery

The transmitter contains a rechargeable battery. So you never have to open the transmitter. When you receive the bedwetting alarm again or if it has not been used for a long time, the LED ring flashes red at intervals. This means that the battery is empty and needs to be recharged. Charging is very easy.

  • Click the transmitter onto the receiver using the push buttons on top.

  • Set up the transmitter so that the Uriflex name can be read the right way round.

  • The green LED ring turns into a glowing line directly under the transmitter.

  • The light pulses during charging.  When the battery is full, the strip lights up constantly green.

IMG_1619 b.jpg

Please note! If the transmitter with the name "Uriflex" is clicked onto the receiver upside down, the illumination will not change and the battery will not be charged. Turn the transmitter upside down so that the text Uriflex can be read the right way round and click the transmitter back onto the receiver. The charging process begins.

Tip! Always disconnect the transmitter from the sensor pants in the morning and click on the receiver! This ensures that the battery is always full and that the transmitter does not accidentally get into the washing machine. This is not good for the transmitter.

Test the transmitter

The alarm sounds when something metallic, e.g. a paper clip or a pair of scissors, is pressed simultaneously against both push-buttons of the orange transmitter. Of course, the receiver must be switched on and the transmitter battery must not be flat. 

Pairing of new transmitter with receiver

The set of receiver and transmitter is paired before shipping and is immediately ready for use. 

However, if you use a new transmitter (because you lost the previous one, for example), it must be paired with the receiver before use. This is very easy if you follow the steps below:


  1. Press the "pairing" symbol on the bottom of the receiver until the LED ring flashes blue.

  2. Use a pen or paper clip to press the point between the two switches of the transmitter (see illustration) until you hear a beep. The LED ring then lights up green. 




The receiver and the transmitter are coupled together and ready for use. For testing, you can connect the two switches with something made of metal. The alarm will then be triggered.

Please note: Pairing is only necessary if you want to use a new transmitter with the receiver.   

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