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for adults

Pajama pants for bedwetters

pyjama trousers

Are you going on vacation or staying out of town?
The Pjama's shorts and pants offer you
a worry-free solution!
  • Stay dry with these pyjama trousers!

  • The trousers have the absorbency of a full bladder.

  • The trousers are comfortable and discreet.

  • The trousers are machine washable.

  • The trousers are made of comfortable and safe material, are breathable and impermeable to liquids.

  • The pyjamas are available in short and long models.

Enuresis in adults

Although bedwetting is most often associated with children, it also affects adults. It is estimated that up to 5 million adults suffer from enuresis in America alone. Are you affected and looking for a pleasant solution?


You can feel confident with Pjama's soft, comfortable, waterproof and absorbent pajama bottoms or shorts. A discreet and simple solution to keep the bed dry both at home and during overnight stays outside the house. Silent products that look and feel like regular pajama bottoms.

Whether for use at home, staying overnight with friends or on vacation, the Pjama bedwetting pants for adults offer safety, security and are discreet. The trousers have a high absorption capacity.
See the size chart for the absorption volume.

Pjama's pants are made of softTencel, a breathable and waterproof membrane. The extremely moisture-absorbing material ensures that the moisture stays in the pants. All materials are OEKO-TEX certified and washable at 60 degrees.

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