Ins Bett machen, Training gegen Bettnässen, Wieder bei Freunden übernachten können.


Children with day incontinence need the support of a specialised doctor or therapist, and especially of the teacher at school. Only with professional therapy and good supervision, the child can overcome this problem.

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Online Schulung

Urinary incontinence at school: The teachers are so important

Einnässen in der Schule, Unterstützung von Lehrern

The involvement of teachers is crucial in order to control incontinence of children. After all, the constant danger of getting wet in class, during breaks or on class trips is a great burden for children and adolescents. Teachers should therefore be informed of the child's diagnosis. If they actively support the therapy of children and adolescents, those affected usually make much faster progress.

In an online training course at the University Clinic for Paediatric Surgery at the Inselspital Bern, teachers learn how to provide optimal support for children with functional urinary incontinence. 


Joyful children's books help the child to explain and understand the problem. The Mit-Mach-Booklet pages stimulate in a positive way (only available in German).