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Book: Defecationsproblems with children - prevention and treatment


Defecation is a burden on the whole family. Children and their parents find help with Lola, who was once also the "family skunk". Ages 4 and up.

Poop belongs in the toilet. Yes, it does! Nevertheless, there are children who regularly defecate in their pants or hide poop in inappropriate places.

This also happens to Lola from time to time. In the book, she tells how it happens and how she gets rid of it. So read along!

Volle Hose, children's book about defecation by children / daytime incontinence

  • The "family skunk


    Poop belongs in the toilet. Yep! Nevertheless, there are boys and girls who regularly defecate in their pants or hide poop in inappropriate places. If the affected children are over four years old and already have the physical prerequisites for stool control, this problem is called "defecation". Often this behaviour indicates psychological stress in the child or problems within the family system.


    Children who defecate often cut themselves and their family off from social activities because the problem, which is associated with shame and family stress, is kept like a secret. This leads to tensions and conflicts, which again increase the suffering of individual family members. The problem is also often concealed in the social environment. The clearly perceptible odour caused by defecation also leads to teasing among peers.


    The children's reference book "Volle Hose. Defecation in children: Prevention and Treatment" was designed with a focus on systemic approaches. It provides clarity, helps boys and girls to tackle the problem and encourages parents to try new things. The book helps professionals to discuss defecation in psychological, psychotherapeutic and medical settings in a child-friendly way.

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