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The picture book for children who don't want wet and dirty pants anymore.


Unfortunately only German language

Kacks ade! Storybook with Lola - Defecation/ Daytime incontinence

  • The picture story book "Kackse ade!" Is suitable for children from around four years of age who simply wash their poop down and don't want to have full pants any more.


    The colorfully illustrated picture story is about Lola's stinky problem. Lola's poop always ends up where it doesn't belong: in pants, in bed or even as a work of art on the walls. After a while, Lola gets a terrible stomachache from chewing up poop and has to see a doctor. When the drugs finally made Lola's poop small and it can get out of the bathroom, Lola decides to change her behavior.


    The following, numerous join-in pages to write down and draw on help children to better understand the poop problem and to find out how to get rid of it. This is how they become experts in themselves.


    A title in the children's non-fiction book series “SOWAS!” By psychologist Sigrun Eder (



    Hey you!

    I'm Lola and I once had a stinky problem. That way I always put my parents in a bad mood. For a while I thought it was fun to tease my parents with my poop. But then even I got too stupid and I wanted to get rid of my problem.



    What about you? Do you have a poop problem too? Do you chuck the toilet until the poop is hard as stone? Do you even hide the Kacks sausages in the end?

    Be honest: would you rather get rid of this problem like me?

    Then read my story. The join-in pages are just for you. This will tell you more about your smelly problem and what you can do about it.

    TOI Toi Toi! Together we are a good team.

    Your Lola



    "Oh dear!" Said Mama, when she discovered strong skid marks in Lola's underpants.

    Lola was big enough to be able to fall asleep without the light, but it didn't work with the poop yet. Their poop never ended up where adults thought it belonged.

    Sometimes Lola hid her poop in her room too. She then enjoyed watching Mom puff out her nostrils in disgust like a horse's nostrils. This happened, for example, when Mama shook Lola's bedclothes and the poop flew in a high arc across the room.

    Lola felt like the Easter Bunny and was happy.

    Mama, on the other hand, made a face. Disgusted, she said: "Lola, not even a skunk hides its poop."

    Now and then Lola imagined her hands were a brush and her poop were paint. Then she skillfully used it to paint the walls in the toilet or in the hallway.

    For Lola they were works of art. It was a reason for her parents to freak out.

    Papa usually got a screaming fit after Lola's art actions, while Mama was desperately silent. From the storage room she got various cleaning supplies to declare war on Lola's wall paintings.

    As soon as Papa calmed down a bit, he started asking questions: “Lola! How do you come up with such ideas? Do you know that your poop pictures make us feel terribly sick? "

    But Lola wasn't listening. Because of Dad's boring questions and his reproachful voice, she'd put her ears on hold.

    But at some point her inner voice came into Lola's head and said to her:

    "Lola, watch out! You have become a family skunk. Everyone sees you only as Lola with the poop problem. Do you want to do something about it? It would be much nicer to say goodbye to the skunk! "

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