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Nasses Bett? Extra

Das Mit-Mach-Heft, for children who wet the bed

Nasses Bett, das Mit-Mach-Heft , for children who wet the bed

  • Hello, I'm Nino!


    Do you also have a strange bladder? Does it happen that your bed gets wet at night? And your pyjamas and duvet too, so you have to change everything before you can sleep on in a dry bed?


    Maybe you're like Nino. He sometimes pees in his bed at night. That makes him gloomy and angry at the same time. But Nino is no longer in the mood for a bad mood. That's why he has decided to take a close look at his problem and actively influence it.


    Would you like to do the same? Then start today. This booklet is especially for you. You will find lots of questions in it. You can write down everything you know about the problem and find your personal answers and solutions.

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