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bedwetting alarm

Rental costs and health insurance benefits

Conditions for the coverage of costs by health insurance:

  • The treated child must be 5 years or older

  • A medical prescription is necessary

Rental costs:       CHF 2,50 per day
Shipping costs:   CHF 14,00 Outward and return shipment

Krankenkasse MIGeL- Tarifnumber

Calculation of the rental-purchase model Weckalarm Contessa. 

Rental-purchase model

After 90 days the rental period ends and the alarm is your property. If the training goes well and fast, you will be cheaper with a rental alarm. If the training takes longer than expected, the additional costs compared to a purchase alarm are the same. 

Rental invoice 

You will receive an invoice every 30 days and a final invoice at the end of the rental period. The rental invoices are to be paid directly to us.

How do you get a refund from the health insurance?

To send to your health insurance:

  • our invoice

  • a medical prescription 

The patient will be reimbursed by his health insurance company upon presentation of the doctor's prescription with our invoice. Please keep the prescription from your physician until you receive our final invoice. Then send the prescription together with the invoice to your health insurance in order to receive the mandatory benefits of the basic insurance. 

In accordance with the Krankenpflege- Leistungsverordnung KLV (Health Care Benefits Ordinance), the health insurance company covers the rental costs of the device if the patient begins treatment after the age of 5. 

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