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The laundry is freshly washed, but the smell of urine hasn't completely disappeared. Do you know that too?

Tricky... the smell of urine is not that easy to get rid of.


Uri-Go is a urine stain and odor remover that is convenient and quick to use. The agent dissolves the hard-to-remove crystals that urine contains.

Uri-Go can be used on any surface, hard or soft. It removes even years-old urine stains and is also ideal for use in nursing homes, schools, animal boarding kennels and kindergartens. 

Uri-go Spray 750ml, urine stain and odor remover

  • Uri-Go can be used on all surfaces that are normally resistant to water. However, we recommend testing Uri-Go in an invisible location beforehand.


    For new stains:

    1. Blot up as much urine as possible.

    2. Spray Uri-Go onto the stain.

    3. Allow the product to air dry.

    4. If the stain is not removed, repeat the above steps


    For old stains:

    1. Spray the stain well.

    2. Allow the product to air dry.

    3. Repeat these steps a few times until the stain is completely gone.

    4. For very stubborn stains, you can cover the sprayed area well with a damp, warm cloth.


    To note:

    If you use a concentrate, you should first dilute it with water in the correct ratio of 1:5. If the ratio is not right, yellow spots can appear.

    When using disinfectants such as chlorine and the like, the effectiveness of Uri-Go is lost.


    Additional Information:

    In addition to urine, Uri-Go can also be used forSweat, light blood- andStool stains be used. In addition, it also removes the smell of sweat and vomit. Unfortunately not the stain from vomit (because of the salt and stomach acid)

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