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Urinary incontinence

Fashionable and absorbent underpants provide security

Do you suffer from urinary incontinence? This is an unpleasant problem. Having to use disposable insoles is not always pleasant and comfortable. Beautiful and suitable underwear is also possible for incontinence.


We have developed underwear for you that is ideal as incontinence underwear and has the advantage that it does not look like one. UnderWunder® is specially developed for people who want to protect themselves against these annoying complaints. These people also want to be able to enjoy life safely and worry-free despite the urine accidents. It feels like feeling confident with regular underwear and foregoing diaper-like alternatives.

UnderWunder® is fashionable and is available in different colors and models. It absorbs urine loss or wet stools during the day. The underpants can also be used for irregular or heavy menstrual bleeding.


Underwear with a little secret

The secret lies in four “invisible” absorption layers that catch light to moderate urination and bowel movements. The pants have an absorbency of approximately 125ml in a period of 4 hours.

The four layers absorb the liquid easily. The skin stays dry and the waterproof layer prevents leaks.

In addition, you no longer have to be afraid of unpleasant smells. These are also held in place by the layers. This provides a certain extra security. The underwear is of high quality, with a perfect fit. It can be washed normally in the washing machine and often. They are breathable, allergen-free and made from soft 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

The incontinence underpants are available for men in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL and for women in sizes 36/38 to 46/48.

Did you know that one in four women suffers from bladder weakness?

“Shitting your pants from laughing” is not just an expression for something funny, but is unfortunately a problem for many women that is not a laughing matter.

Urinary incontinence also occurs when exercising, jumping or lifting.

Do exercise without worry, even if I lose urine? I can do it! I feel confident with the beautiful and absorbent UnderWunder® underwear.

Since my prostate surgery, I occasionally leak urine throughout the day. But that doesn't worry me anymore.  With the comfortable UnderWunder® underwear I feel safe and protected!

After the birth of my children, my pelvic floor muscles weakened. I feel confident with the beautiful and absorbent UnderWunder® underwear.

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