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A relapse - what now?

A relapse, what a pity!

After a few weeks of training you'll be dry at night. Good, you are finally no longer a bed-wetter! You throw the pee-alarm in the back of the closet and think: "Well, I don't need it anymore"...

But after a while you suddenly have a wet night again. Ugh... how disappointing.....! And it's not just one night. Unfortunately... soon you'll be wet almost every night again.

How is it that you relapse?

A relapse can occur because...

  • you fall back into old habits.

During the training you have tried to improve or adapt your habits. After a while you start to take it less carefully, and before you know it, the new habits will be replaced by those of the past. Think about drinking less. Drinking at the wrong time, not doing the 3x P exercise, going to bed too late, not going to the toilet enough during the day, etc.

  • you stopped training too early.

Maybe you weren't completely dry after all. Of course you will be quickly satisfied when you go from "wet every night" to "very rarely a wet night".  Quitting training too early, and with only an occasional wet night, you have quit too early anyway. Surely it is better to remain critical of yourself and not to dismiss the accident too easily, because you don't want to do the training anymore.

  •  you are going through an unpleasant period. 

Think, for example, of the divorce of your parents, the death of your grandfather or grandmother. Problems at school can also be unpleasant for you. These events can keep you quite busy at night.

Stripje terugval.jpeg

What do you do if you have a relapse or how can you prevent it?

Even if you have completed the training, it is wise not to let go of all the strings right away. Continue the rules that have helped you sleep dry until this happens automatically and you don't have to think about it at all.

  • (Keep) Drink(ing) enough water during the day. Did you start drinking less water after finishing training? Schedule it for yourself again. See our fact sheet with tips for "drinking more water during the day".

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