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Bedwetting alarm


The bed stays dry!

Pants and shorts from Pjama will keep you feeling dry, comfortable and safe.
Sleepover party or school camp? Don't worry! With Pjama's discreet design and look, no one will discover you're wearing protective pyjamas.


With our new alarm you get treatment and protection in one. The flat little transmitter is attached to the pyjama trousers with 2 press studs. The pyjama trousers are equipped with moisture sensors. If urine gets into the pyjama trousers at night, the alarm is triggered. This wakes the user up directly and he should activate the bladder sphincter in reflex. The user must get out of bed to turn off the alarm and then empty the bladder completely in the toilet.


The pjama is made of soft Tencel, a breathable, waterproof membrane and a super-absorbent material that ensures that urine stays in the pants. All fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified.


The flat little transmitter is attached to the pyjama trousers with 2 press studs. The pyjama trousers are equipped with moisture sensors on the inside. If urine gets into the pyjama trousers at night, the alarm is triggered.


the trousers

The set consists of 2 pairs of trousers. You have the choice between short, shorts or long trousers, pants. In addition, a waterproof storage bag and the alarm with the transmitter.


We know, it's super cool and weird at the same time. How can pyjamas stay dry if you get wet in them?

The pyjamas are made from soft Tencel, a breathable, waterproof membrane and a super absorbent material that ensures urine stays in. All fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified.


To ensure the best comfort and effective use of the pjama, do not wear underwear underneath or tuck a shirt into the pants. Make sure you have the right size so that it fits snugly around the waist. Use the waistband to adjust it if necessary. 


In the event of an accident, the pajamas will stay dry on the outside and protect the bedding. However, the child will experience the pajama getting damp on the inside. The pjama should not be dry against the skin, but should give feedback to the user when they wet themselves. Waking up when wetting oneself is important to overcome the problem of bedwetting for the child. The pjama could be an excellent addition to other treatments.


If you prefer not to wear pyjama pants or shorts, there are also beautiful and practical briefs. The briefs are like normal underwear, except that they have special urine moisture sensors sewn into the cuffs with two push buttons that connect to the alarm clock.

You can easily and independently change your underwear at night, just like a normal pair of briefs. You no longer wear a nappy or sanitary pad. This is important for your self-confidence during training. Please note! 

These pants do not absorb liquid like pyjama pants or shorts. It is advisable to protect the bed.

Download the app


Download our Pjama smartphone app so you can track your child's progress. The app acts as a paper scorecard. You can enter the nightly data in the app. You can view the data and be notified as a parent if the child has an alarm at night. You will receive this alarm on your phone. You can choose to have a vibration or sound alarm.

Find the right size

Pjama size DE.jpeg

How to use the alarm

While preparing, make sure that your child is involved and informed about what to do in case of an accident. Make sure you test the alarm before using it on your child for the first time.

Select the alarm signal and the volume of your loudspeaker.

Download the Pjama app and connect it to the parent's phone. This will alert the parent that an accident has occurred.

Attach the sensor to your trousers/shorts.

Do not hold the speaker more than 15 metres away from the sensor.

When the alarm clock sounds, wake your child and let him/her go to the toilet. It is important that the child is well awake when you do this.

Remove the sensor, turn the trousers/shorts inside out and wash them.

Don't forget to log the wet night in your app so you can track your child's progress.

how to wash your pyjama bottoms

Pjama is a washable and reusable product that is easy to use. For maximum product life, please follow these guidelines:

  • If you have used the alarm sensor, please remove it before washing

  • Wash with products of similar colour

  • Do not wash your pyjamas with sharp objects. For example, zippers or other metals

  • Wash inside out

  • Wash at a maximum of 60 °C

  • Finish the washing programme with a high spin cycle

  • Dry outside or at room temperature. You can also dry your pajamas in the tumble dryer. Note that the temperature must not exceed 60 °C.

The unique properties of the pyjamas result in a longer drying time of the product compared to other textile garments. Do not dry clean, use fabric softener or iron the product.

Längere Trocknungszeit

Pjama contains an absorbent material that affects the drying time. How long it takes depends on several factors, such as the level of room humidity, the room temperature and the effect of spinning the washing machine.

To keep the drying time as short as possible, it is good:

  • Turn your pajamas inside out when washing so that the waterproof membrane does not retain the liquid in the trousers.

  • Finish the wash programme with a high spin cycle.

  • After spinning, the pajama should be dried inside out. If you want to tumble dry your pjama, make sure that the temperature does not exceed 60°C.

Bladder retraining

Bladder training bedwetting Urifoon, drinking bottle

Many children do not drink enough during the day. Children often think: "if I drink less, I won't have to go to the toilet as much". In itself a clever thought but...... the less you drink, the smaller your bladder becomes.  

In most children, bedwetting, the bladder capacity is too low. If the bladder is too small and can stretch poorly, the bladder can only store a small amount of urine. The moment of urination in bed is therefore early in the night. Many children have trouble drinking a lot, which makes the problem worse because their bladder only gets smaller that way.

Bladder training, bed wetting, Urifoon, drinking bottle
Bladder training bedwetting Urifoon, happy balloons when explaining the bladder.

drinking bottle

Therefore we offer a drinking training. When renting or buying a wake-up alarm device, we give each child a funny drinking bottle in cheerful colours. The bottle is transparent. The child can see so well how much he or she has drunk per day.


The child can take this bottle with them to school, sports and outside to play.

In the training manual we try to explain the function of the bladder to the child in a fun way using a balloon. We also suggest how much the child should ideally drink per day.

Personal accompaniment

The bedwetting alarm is not a cure, but offers a training opportunity to fully control the bladder sphincter muscle even during sleep. It is important that the child is motivated to get rid of the bedwetting. This training can be particularly intensive and requires teamwork between the supervisor and user.

We offer you a training book with practical tips during the training. We know from experience that especially the first month can be very exhausting. That's why we are happy to accompany you personally during this difficult time.

Our experience is that a motivated child with the right care can complete the training much better and faster.

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