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Pjama Bedwetting Alarm is a wireless bedwetting alarm and easy to use. The wireless Pjama Bedwetting Alarm consists of 1 small Pjama Transmitter 2 Sensor briefs and 1 Pjama Speaker unit.



- Choice of different alarm tones

- The system is wireless

- The transmitter is very small and light, therefore comfortable to carry.

- Power supply of the transmitter: long-life battery, lasts at least 1 year

- The receiver is rechargeable via a USB cable

- The system only works with the corresponding sensor pants

- Loudspeaker dimensions: 10 x 6.5 x 3 cm

- Transmitter dimensions: 5 x 3 x 0.8 cm

Pjama Bedwetting Therapy alarm, girls with 2 sensor briefs

PriceFrom CHF131.00
  • Pjama Bedwetting Alarm with Briefs - Starter Set is a complete solution for treating bedwetting. The Pjama Bedwetting Alarm can also be connected to the smartphone.

    When used together with a smartphone, you need to download the Pjama App from Google Play or App Store. With the Pjama App, you will receive customized tips and advice during the treatment to suit your child. The app also provides the opportunity to follow the child’s progress during the treatment.


    The Pjama briefs has sewn-in sensor threads that are suitable for boys and to which you can easily connect the Pjama Bedwetting Alarm.

    To treat, simply snap the pjama transmitter to 2 small buttons on the waistband of the briefs, which in turn communicates wirelessly with the bedwetting alarm device or your smartphone.


    The alarm goes off when a nighttime accident occurs. The user is directly awakened by this and is supposed to activate the bladder sphincter in reflex. The user has to get out of bed to turn off the alarm and then completely empty the bladder on the toilet. It is important to be really awake and aware of going to the toilet. Then put on a dry pair of sensor briefs and continue sleeping.

    In the morning, you can enter the results of the night into the Pjama app so you can track the progress of your training, and you are guided through with great tips as you go.


    The sensor briefs does not absorb liquid, so you need to protect the bed at the start of your training. As the training progresses, the child wakes up very quickly so very little urine gets into the sensor briefs and the bed doesn't get wet.


    Suitable for washing in the washing machine at 60 degrees and in the dryer.

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