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Fragen zu UnderWunder Inkontinenz-Unterwäsche

Incontinence underwear


How absorbent are the underpants for daytime incontinence?
The incontinence underpants can absorb one or two minor urine accidents. The boys' underpants can absorb about 80 ml and the girls' underpants can absorb about 75 ml. The model planes can suck about 125 ml.

Are the underpants washable?
Yes, they can be washed at 40 - 60 degrees and will shrink a maximum of 5% when washed. They can also be tumble dried, but if you avoid tumble drying they will hold up better. We recommend neutral washing powder.

What materials are the underpants for daytime incontinence made of?
They are made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane. The absorbent pad is made from 100% cotton. The underpants do not contain any harmful substances and come with the Oeko-Tex certified“.

What shipping methods do you offer?
The goods are delivered by the post office.

Is there a right of return?
Yes, you can return the goods within 14 days from the delivery date. When returned, the goods must be in the same condition as when received and must not have been worn or washed. The goods must be returned in proper packaging. We do not cover your return shipping costs.

What payment methods do you offer?
Payment can be made using the following payment methods:
– The credit cards VISA, MasterCard and American Express
- Immediately
– EC card via Paypal 

Can I exchange the underwear?
Yes, if you would like to exchange the underpants for a different size or model, you can return the unwanted goods within 14 days of the delivery date. Please include the return receipt and specify what you would like.

How many children urinate in their pants?
About 2 children in every school class suffer from incontinence, i.e. 10%.

Why does my child urinate in his pants during the day?
There can be many reasons why your son or daughter urinates in their pants. Contrary to previous statements, incontinence is rarely due to psychological problems. For example, it can be due to constipation, urinary tract infections or an overactive bladder. Some children also have difficulty holding water when laughing (so-called giggle incontinence). After all, accidents can only happen when your child is engrossed in exciting play.

How can I help my child stay dry?
Of course, there are many ways in which you can help keep your child dry. Please read the advice and useful links under “Children and incontinence“.

What is a typical course of treatment for my child?
A form about fluid intake and urination must be filled out over 3 days so that it can be measured how much your child drinks and how often he or she urinates. A functional examination and a scanning of the bladder are then carried out so that one can see whether it is completely emptied. Finally, the urine is examined for sugar content and bacteria. Please read more at “Children and incontinence“.

Where can I get help and advice about children and incontinence?
There are many useful websites and telephone advice on this topic. Please read more under “Children and incontinence“.

Why should you buy stylish incontinence underwear for daytime incontinence?
You should do this if your child urinates in his pants every now and then and he should rather use his energy on activities and games instead of hiding his accident. You can help your child have a happier everyday life.

How does the vibration watch work?
The vibration watch can vibrate up to 12-15 times per day. When the watch vibrates on the child's arm, the child simply presses a simple button to stop the vibration. The vibration can remind the child to go to the toilet. The watch can also display time and date.

What is the vibration watch made of?
The watch is made of silicone and is CE certified, meaning it meets EU standards, protecting consumers from products that may be dangerous or harmful. The vibration watch is also tested by the Danish Technological Institute to ensure that it does not contain soft thalases. - The watch is NOT suitable for water entry. 


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