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Do you want a new device and already have or still have the underwear?


The child wakes up with difficulty. The alarm tone can be adjusted very loudly.

What does the Liberty bedwetting alarm sound like?



• Robust plastic housing with rounded corners.

• The alarm is wireless.
• Adjustable audible alarm.
• The transmitter contains a rechargeable battery
• The alarm is easily turned off using the touchscreen

• The transmitter is very small and light, so it is comfortable to wear on your panties.
• Dimensions – Receiver L 105mm, W 80mm, H 35mm
• Dimensions – transmitter L 48 mm, W 25 mm, H 8 mm



Liberty Bedwetting Therapy Device (Without Underpants)

  • The Liberty alarm clock is a renewed alarm clock of the formerContessa Alarm clock.The alarm clock is wireless, has arechargeable transmitter, which attaches to a nice pair of normal pants. 

    If the pants get wet, the receiver gives a sound alarm. The child wakes up with the alarm. The body reacts automatically by tensing the bladder muscles. The child learns to recognize the feeling of a full bladder and can continue to urinate in the toilet.

    A very nice advantage of the improved alarm clock is that the battery in the transmitter no longer needs to be changed. No more unexpected wet nights with a dead battery!

    This alarm offers the user optimal comfort and normal freedom of movement while sleeping. The alarm volume is adjustable and easy  to turn off.

    The Liberty alarm clock can also be equipped with a vibration alarm. It is a flat round disc that can be placed under the pillow or bed sheet. The vibration element has no cable and can therefore move very freely. It will vibrate strongly and can be an additional way to wake up.


    For whom?

    Especially for children who sleep very deeply, are afraid of loud noises, want to be woken up discreetly or are hard of hearing.

    The element can therefore be pleasant when children share a bedroom. The sound of the alarm clock can be turned down so that others are not woken up. But it also helps young people to practice discreetly.


    Pairing for use

    The item must be paired with the Liberty alarm clock before use. Please read the attached description or watch the video on our website.

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