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Mattress protector for bedwetters. This mattress protector is placed around the mattress like a fitted sheet and is available in different sizes. The top is made of 100% cotton and the bottom is made of a polyurethane membrane. This combination of substances offers many advantages:


  • feels good
  • absolutely waterproof
  • stretchy
  • ventilated
  • no problems with excessive sweating
  • no annoying noise that many other mattress protectors produce.

A good solution for high sleeping comfort!


Available in the following  Sizes:

  •  80 x 200 cm
  •  90 x 200 cm
  • 100x200cm
  • 160x200cm
  • 200x200cm

Mattress protector white cotton, waterproof and breathable

PriceFrom CHF35.00
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