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Reminder clock with 15 alarm moments. Ideal for children with incontinence problems. Daytime wetting, bedwetting and defecation.


Improved model with more robust silicone strap, rechargeable anywhere on all USB ports


• The bracelet vibrates discreetly on the arm

• Ideal for younger children too! Has a small wrist diameter 4.5 to 7.5cm


• Available in fun colors


• Robust silicone strap with easily adjustable metal clasp

• Battery charging via USB, no additional charging cable required. Power source DC 5V, USB-A charging input

• Additionally  also oneCountdown function


• Standby time 7 days


• Silent mode to turn off all set alarms at once. E.g. for weekends


• Comfortable to wear


• No app required

• CE marking


• Waterproof rating IP67, splashproof but not suitable for swimming

• 1 year warranty. (Under normal use and excluding water damage)


Vibration watch navy blue

SKU: V512
  • With a Vibra watch, the child learns to organize his day better. The clock vibrates discreetly and reminds the child when it is time to drink and go to the toilet. It takes away the awkward interaction between parent and child because you don't always have to help your child remember. It also helps the child during the time when you are not present. You can set multiple alarm moments. It would be ideal to set the alarm every 2 hours, paying attention to breaks at school and during sports. It is also important for children who wet the bed to go to the toilet regularly during the day and drink 6 to 8 glasses a day . Behavior during the day has a big influence on the night.

    The vibration watch can therefore help the child in a subtle way to avoid or minimize mishaps. The memory is very discreet and no one will notice it.

    The clock is modern and has cheerful colors. The silicone bracelet containsno plasticizers. The band fits around every wrist. If an additional hole is needed, it can be easily adjusted.

    Is the watch intended for someone with a very narrow wrist? We recommend that you cut a piece of the strap on the side of the locking element. Then make a hole where the locking element will be placed again. This way the watch also fits the entire narrow wrist.

    The alarm clock is CE certified, which means it meets EU standards that protect consumers from dangerous or harmful products.

    1 year guarantee. (Under normal use and excluding water damage)

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