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Download software

Vibra watch U7 model

The software does not work on a MAC computer,

iPhone or iPad!! Only with Windows. 

This channel is coming soon!

Watch a video here showing you how to download the software step by step.

Setting the alarm

1. Remove the watch from the silicone strap


2. Connect the watch with the small cable and plug the other end of the cable into a USB port on your computer.


3. Leave it to charge for one hour. Standby time is approximately 14 days after a full charge.


4. Download the software.


5. Open the file.


6. You can set the language in the 2nd tab “Program Settings”.


7. In the 1st tab “Settings” you can activate the alarm.


8. Select “once” or “every day”.


9 Click “Clock Compare” to adjust the time.


10. Then click on the “activate” button to set the alarm.


11. Put the watch back into the silicone band.

There are 2 buttons on the watch. Make sure the watch's buttons are inserted into the silicone band on the side where two buttons are marked.


12. To stop the alarm, press button 1.

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