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Properties Liberty

• Robust plastic housing with rounded corners.

• The alarm is wireless.

• Adjustable audible alarm.

• The transmitter contains a rechargeable battery

• The alarm is easily turned off using the touchscreen

• The transmitter is very small and light, so it is comfortable to wear on your panties.

• Dimensions – Receiver L 105mm, W 80mm, H 35mm

• Dimensions – transmitter L 48 mm, W 25 mm, H 8 mm


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Alarm rental - per day

  • Rental conditions:

    • The rental costs are CHF 2.70 per day.

    • The reimbursement from the health insurance company is CHF 0.94 per day.

    • The minimum rent is CHF 81.00 and corresponds to a rental period of 30 days.

    • Only after the full 120-day rental period will the alarm become your property.

    • The rental costs are exclusive of shipping costs.

    • The rental begins with the dispatch of the alarm and ends with the return of all parts (date of postmark).

    • Payment of our invoice must be made within 30 days of receipt, regardless of reimbursement from your health insurance company.

    • To reimburse your health insurance company, you will need our invoice and a prescription from your doctor confirming the duration of the therapy.

    • It is important that you follow the instructions for use and use the Liberty Bedwetting Alarm as described.

    • Two pairs of underpants are included. Extra sensor panties can be ordered separately and cost from CHF 25 per piece.


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